30 Jun 2007

"Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles

"Holding Hands - Part 1", by Bruce A Cameron

OK, so I am a proud father.

Here is a video that Bruce did for his animation work at University. I am sure you will enjoy watching it. Please click on the Video picture twice to load it.

You can see all of his videos at MY VIDEOS Blog .. click here.

29 Jun 2007

"Warm Sporran " by Jethro Tull

I just cannot believe this. We, in the UK today, are being subjected to the most stupid laws. Is it because we try and obey the rules that we get deluged with even more? Read on .....

Sporran wearers will need a licence.
Kilt wearers could face prosecution if they do not have a licence for their sporran under new legislation which has been introduced in Scotland that has come from the EU

The laws are designed to protect endangered species like badgers and otters, whose fur used to be favoured by sporran makers.

The legislation applies to animals killed after 1994. Applicants must prove that the animal was killed lawfully before they will be able to get a licence.

The conservation regulations were designed to close a number of loopholes and bring Scotland into line with other EU members.

They also apply to other vulnerable animals like deer, wildcats, hedgehogs, bats, lynx, moles, seals, whales, dolphins and porpoises.

The regulations require anyone who owns any part of a protected animal to obtain a licence. The maximum penalties for breaking the law are a fine of £5,000 and six months in prison.

It's part of our national dress - but now we could be forced to have a licence to wear it.

A Scottish Executive spokeswoman said the law was introduced to ensure the protection of vulnerable European species and covered products made from skin, fur and teeth of a number of protected animals. ---
I agree with this bit.

The legislation is aimed at those sporrans made from protected wild animals within the last 13 years. ---- But not with this bit. How do I know this for my 12 yr old sporran? Come on, who is going to put me in prison? I have just read that a person who killed someone with his car was let off with a suspended sentence and here we are going to jail a man for wearing a 12 yrs old sporran made of badger's fir. I think its time to emigrate!

I liked this letter published in the Press & Journal newspaper today. It sums it up for me really. Thanks, A H Muir for your comments.
"Sir, Like many Scots, I have endured the progressive criminalisation of the common man be they local, national or European. I drive down the road, I am judged to be a speedster and large bumps are put in my way on the tarmac to inconvenience me. If I go to a bank, I am judged to be a member of the Mafia and must prove my identity, especially do if I wish to remove my own money. If I dare to fly, I am regarded as a terrorist and must be subjected to body searches and other humiliations. If I volunteer to assist a children’s sports society, I am regarded as a pervert until I prove otherwise. In every aspect of life, I am considered guilty by our Government until I prove otherwise, but my patience has finally snapped. Now, I must prove that my sporran is not made from an endangered species, even if I bought it 13 years ago. It is the final straw. To be demeaned daily is one thing, but when you try to deny a Scotsman his sporran you are in dangerous territory, indeed.

I could not agree more.

25 Jun 2007

"Food Glorious Food" from the musical OLIVER

Food Around The World Tag

Thanks for the tag, Irene.

Here is my favourite Scottish Dish. Skewered West Coast Queenie Scallops wrapped in sliced Scottish smoked salmon, marinated in freshly squeezed lemon juice, crushed black pepper and salt.

bamboo skewer
1 slice of Scottish smoked salmon cut horizontally
2 small quennie scallops
1/4 lemon
A touch of sprinkled salt
A touch of crushed black pepper

The method
Lay the strip of smoked salmon flat on the chopping board. Roll the salmon around each of the scallops. Then finally skewer them.
Sprinkle the ingredients and squeeze the lemon juice. Best to leave for a couple of hours to marinate.

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Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?
Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it.
Quantity: Tag FIVE PEOPLE.

I am tagging Janet, John, SUZ and maybe more later. So, come on guy's give me your favourite dishes.

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"Anyone For Tennis" by Cream

It's that time of year again when the Wimbledon Tennis Championships are held. You cannot miss them in the UK as the TV and Radio coverage of it is everywhere for the next 2 weeks.

However, I wanted to bring to everyone's attention a fantastic tennis court that must be the most remote and most beautiful setting in the UK if not in the World. I found it while on our cycling holidays in the Western Isles of Scotland. It's the Bunabhainneadar Tenis Court. Here a a few photos of it and there is no other building near it. Maybe Wimbledon should be relocated to play there next year.

17 Jun 2007

"Beautiful Sunday" by Daniel Boone

As I've been away I am now trying to catch up with things at home.

First, A big Happy Birthday to Claire. We celebrated her birthday on the 30th May and had a meal in a restaurant in Aberdeen. Sadly, Ferruccio could not be with us as he is working away from home. Grant came with us and we had a good time together. CHEERS, Claire.

Also, a BIG Happy Birthday to Suzi D who's birthday was on the 11th June.

Secondly, It is Father's day today and Claire gave me a gift and card. Thank you Claire, very much. Here is a photo of what she gave me.

16 Jun 2007

"Déjà vu" by Crosby Stills Nash and Young

Western Isles of Scotland - June 2007

Harry and I enjoyed our 1st holiday here 9 years ago so much that we decided to do it again. We took the train from Inverurie to Oban and sailed to South Uist for the start of our holiday. We cycled through South Uist, Benbecula, North Uist, Harris and Lewis. We then took the ferry from Stornoway to Ullapool and cycled to Garve to meet the train going back to Inverurie and then cycled home from there. We had to push through North Easterly winds the whole way, just like last time! Will we ever learn? We cycled 233 miles.

CLICK HERE to go to our photos of the holiday.