2 May 2009

"The River" by Bruce Springsteen

I recently went on The River of Kings cycle tour in Thailand.

The River of Kings Ride takes you back in time, far from the busy streets and fast paced modern city to a period of more than 700 years ago. It’s a tour where you can lose yourself in old world ruins and history, thereby experiencing the culture of this truly mesmerizing country.

The tour is mainly on road and takes you to the rural Thai countryside and the rich history of Thailand, all while enjoying an active holiday. The distances are not too strenuous and can be managed by most people.

We started in the north where we cycled over the foot hills surrounding Chiang Mai, and so we encounter a few climbs on the first two days. The central part of Thailand is flat, and after the third day we did not see any other hills of significance.

A fantasic holiday!

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