5 Apr 2006

“Something Beautiful” by Robbie Williams

What can I say? It was such a beautiful day. Claire looked beautiful, Ferrucccio looked beautiful and it was a beautiful day. I have had the two most emotional days in my life so far. The first was when my little baby daughter, Claire, was born into this World and the second is when I gave her away to be married on the 1st April 2006. I was so overcome with joy for her. We had a really great day. Both families and all our friends said so. Everything went to plan even although both Janis and I were a wee bit stressed out in the morning. I went for a swim and a sauna to relax while Janis went to get her hair styled along with the bride and her bridesmaids. From 1pm onwards I just do not know where the time went. It was like sliding through a time warp because before I knew what was happening it was the next morning and we were all having breakfast together, family and friends, all. What a great bunch of friends we have. Thank you all for helping to make it a special day for Claire and Ferruccio. Mr & Mrs Spinelli are now honeymooning in Venice. We all wish them well in their marrage. Lang may yir lumb reek!
I have post more Wedding Pictures on a new BLOG here. CLICK MOUSE

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