14 Dec 2006

Bob the Builder: The Album

We have decided to install a new kitchen. The present one is 25 years old and starting to show signs of wear. But we are not just installing a new kitchen, we are moving the kitchen. This means there will be a lot of work to do that involves fitting roof window, a patio door, replacing the floor and installing new plumbing and electricity. Its going to take approx 6 weeks for all the work to be completed. The "real" work starts in January but the Velux roof window was installed last week. This will give more natural light to the new kitchen area along with the new patio doors that will be installed once the sink and dishwasher are removed.

Here is the first job showing the Velux window installation work.

I have put a link HERE to show the ongoing and completed works in another BLOG if you are interested.

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Irene said...

A new Year. A new Look. A new Beginning. HAPPY NEW YEAR!