6 Apr 2007

"Good Day Sunshine" the Beatles

Here comes spring! It must be here.

Yes, 3th April and the sun came out to heat us up. It was 18 C today. I travelled to Speyside near Aberlour to go salmon fishing on the Spey River. I think this is the most beautiful river in Scotland, if not the UK. When the sun is out and the sky is blue, where else is there to compare with this scenery?

I spent 2 nights staying in a house by the river with friends. I really enjoyed the chance to fish on the Spey and I improved my casting skills quite a bit during the time there but the salmon didn't think much of it as I never got one bite at my fly.

Thanks must go to all of you who encouraged me in my efforts! There will be more days like these, I am sure.

The River Spey at Craigellachie

Looking at Ben Rinnes

A view across the River Spey to the Craiggellechie Hotel

A view of Aberlour, in the area where I fished the river.

Just to prove it .. it was 17C in my car display and heading upwards.

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