25 Feb 2008

"Walking in My Shoes" by Depeche Mode

Spring is almost here in Aberdeenshire (it's early this year) and I have been out on three small walks over the past 10 days or so enjoying the dry weather.

The first walk was to an area 20 miles north of Ellon at a place called Forrest of Deer.

View looking north to Mormond Hill

The next place was near Cullen (famous for its fish soup called Cullen Skink) walking up Bin of Cullen where we had great views of the coastal area of the Murray Firth. It was blowing a high wind at the top as you can see from our hair.

Janis, Iain & Esmae at the top of Bin of Cullen (320m)

Looking down -- and Esmae's new shoes at the top of photo

Looking up from our shoes

Lastly, we had a walk up Benachie along with a 3 yr old who continually ran on ahead putting us to shame on the steep climb.

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Irene said...

It looks cold! I remembered travelling in Scotland in June 1994 (isn't that summer) and the wind was chilly. Nevertheless, I always like the sceneries of Scotland.