24 Jun 2009

Kodachrome by Paul Simon

No more little yellow envelopes! CLICK HERE to view BBC blog on the subject.

I guess it was inevitable. Digital photos are here to stay. The are of much better quality than ever before and must be as good as Kodachrome.

I always used Kodachrome 25 or 65 asa in my SLR cameras that included a Zenit E (remember this?) and Olympus OM1, 2 and 10.

Kodachrome was the king of film. RIP Kodachrome.

I end this BLOG with a Quote from BBC - Phil Coomes

Along with every other blogger, I can't end the post without mentioning that Kodachrome will of course always be remembered for at least one reason, the fact that as far as I am aware it's the only brand of film that has been immortalised in song. So perhaps the last word should be left to Paul Simon: "Kodachrome, they give us those nice bright colours, they give us the greens of summers, makes you think all the world's a sunny day"... and what's wrong with that.

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