25 Jan 2010

"Heinz Baked Beans" by the Who

BRANSTON BAKED BEANS come out top in a Consumer Testing Survey by WHICH?

Branston : Remember to try these beans next time you go shopping.

Thanks to a good Blogger and pen friend of mine (she knows who she is)I started to eat them about 5 years ago and I, and my family all prefer them to Heinz or the other big named brands.

Heinz may be the bestselling beans.
But when it comes to taste, it might be better to bring out the Branston's.
In a series of blind tasting tests, Branston beans came out top, with four out of five stars for taste.
Heinz could only manage fourth place, behind Asda and Morrisons beans. Consumer group Which? asked 120 shoppers to sample 12 brands and award them marks for appearance, aroma and texture.
The panel liked British brand Branston's "tasty sauce" and were impressed by its thickness and colour. At an average 63p a can, Branston beans - launched only five years ago - are also 1p cheaper than their US rival Heinz, which has 67 per cent of the market.
Bottom of the pile were "value" range beans from Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda.

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Irene said...

Have not seen that Branston brand yet. I would sure like to try it if I do. I love baked beans.