30 Jan 2006

"Our House" (again) by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Its finished! We have been meaning to refurbish our hallway stairs and upper landing for many years. It was so depressing to come into our house because there were no windows into the hallway. Not one! The first phase to introduce light was a large mirror at the halfway stairs landing that allowed any light from the open doors to be reflected into the hall. The next stage was to install a new front door with a window in it. This gave a little more light but it was still very dark in the hallway day or night. Then I saw my neighbour had installed a velux roof window in his dining area and saw that I could use this idea in my hall to bring in lots of light. We also fitted glass doors to all the downstairs rooms to bring light into the hallway. So now we have lots of light in the hall during the day and it makes it a much more friendly place to call in on. So come on in we are proud to welcome you to our home.

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Irene said...

Looks good!