22 Feb 2006

“Gone Fishin’” by Louis Armstrong

I had a really nice day yesterday with my future son-in-law, Ferruccio. We met my friend, John, on the River Spey near Aberlour where he had booked a day's fishing. Ferruccio and I joined him and he was given the opportunity to try his hand at river fishing for salmon. John kitted him out in waders and taught him how to cast. A pity he didn’t catch a fish but they just weren’t biting yesterday. After lunch Ferruccio and I went a walk before returning home. Just a lovely day to be alive.

Ferruccion with John


John shows Ferruccio how to cast


Ferruccio and me outside the cabin where we had lunch


Ferruccio and me during our walk near Aberlour in the heart of Whisky and salmon country


Irene said...

I like your countryside sceneries! Reminds me of my holiday in Scotland, when we drove through the country.

Anonymous said...

I recognise that fisherman ! Do the panel know about the calendar suggestion ??

Milky Bar Kid said...

To what panel do you refer?