13 Feb 2006

"I'm in the Mood for Dancing" by the Nolans

We had a really nice weekend. First I was out walking part of the Spey Way with my friend John. Then Claire and Ferruccio came to stay overnight on the Friday and we had a meal out at our local Italian restaurant, Casa Salvatore. I also was very happy to learn that Claire and Ferruccio were paying for the meal. This is a first for us as Janis and I have always paid for meals out for all our children. Thankyou both! The meal was very tasty.

On Saturday evening we were joined by friends, John and Esmae, to go to a Valentine's dance at Cults Parish Church outreach centre organised by our pensioners organisation. We were treated to a lot of Scottish country dancing, stovies and tea and biscuits. A really good evening among friends. And we got good aerobic exercise too. We got back to our house about 1 am.

On Sunday afternoon Harry and I cycled 21 miles over one of our usual routes. It was a bit cold and windy on our return leg but soon warmed up once I got home. Wales then proceeded to beat Scotland 28 vs 18 at Cardiff in the Six Nations Rugby match. How bad is that after Scotland beating England 20 vs 16 at Murryfield 1 week earlier?!?

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