26 Feb 2007

"Gone Fishin' " by Louis Armstrong - 2nd cut

I have never truly fished on a river or loch in my life till 2005 when Jim, another friend, got me interested. I have since fished for trout with John and Jim in various places and have recently got my own rod and reel.

Salmon river fishing is on a different dimension and I have never really been offered a chance to try it until last weekend.

So … Off I went for the weekend to the north of Scotland fishing for salmon with my good friend, John along with his friends, Derek & George and I had a fantastic time.

I was very privileged to be allowed onto a river and fish for salmon. Within 30 minutes I had a bite but can only talk about “the one that got away” on this occasion. Later on that morning we met up with the other fishers and as George had just hooked a fish he beckoned me over to take his rod from him and bring the fish in. This was my first salmon so I was full of excitement. The fish put up quite a fight and I had to play out the line a few times before the fish was tired enough to bring her in. What an amazing experience. I can now say that I am “hooked”! Of course, the salmon was put back into the river. AND.... I had an even bigger privilege later that same day when we met up again. George helped me cast a long line where he knew there were salmon and within 1 minute I had hooked my own fish. That feeling will stay with me forever. Thank you George and Derek for letting me experience such a thrill and also to my good friend John for suggesting that I may come along.

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