16 Feb 2007

"I am sailing" by Rod Stewart

Today I spent the morning at Peterhead playing with boats, the afternoon lunching with Claire & Ferruccio and evening looking at cars.

A friend asked if I would like to see a boat getting lifted from the water onto a transporter as it was going to Ireland. So Ferruccio, who was staying with us overnight, and I headed for Peterhead and helped to take a power boat across the Bay to the harbour where the crane was to lift it out of the water. Ferruccio had the honour of taking it into the docking position. He is a marine captain after all. He enjoyed the experience very much as he usually handles vessels a good bit larger than this. Maybe 5,000 tonnes larger!

In the afternoon we went to a nice restaurant out of town called Eat on the Green at Udny Green, near Ellon. We had a lovely lunch there, overeating, as usual but very good food.


In the evening I went with another friend to the launch of the updated Porsche Cayanne. It’s always a pleasure to see a new car launch at Porsche Aberdeen as they lay on a grand evening with champagne reception followed by canapes and more pouring of fine wines and food along with viewing of the cars on display.


While at Peterhead harbour I noticed this wreck of a fishing boat, CARINA, still floating at the pier. What a sad old fishing boat left to die a slow, slow death.

I found this article from an old newspaper: "On 9 April 2003 at Dornoch Sheriff Court, Derek West, skipper of the Banff registered fishing boat ‘Carina’, pled guilty to a charge of polluting Kinlochbervie harbour on 18 March 2002, when the boat was being refuelled with diesel. Around 1000 litres of fuel escaped when a tank overflowed. He was fined £450. Loch Inchard is important to the local economy as an area for growing shellfish. The harbour has a narrow inlet and is sheltered, which means that the diesel would have remained in the water for some time. Diesel reduces the amount of oxygen in the water and can result in the death of marine life." This was probably the beginning of the end for this particular boat.

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