26 Jul 2007

"Get Off Of My Cloud" by The Rolling Stones

Another good walk on Tuesday to Mount Keen with John W.

Mount Keen @ 939m is the most easterly Munro in Scotland (A Munro being the name given to hills in Scotland over 914.4 m there being a total of 284). The assent we took was from the end of Glenesk where there is a car park. The initial approach is up Glen Mark for 3.5km to the Queens Well, a granite imperial crown which sits on top of a natural spring bubbling out of the ground and marks the spot where Queen Victoria and her entourage stopped for a picnic on one of their jaunts over the hills from Balmoral in September 1861.

Then we headed on a track up the narrow glen of the Ladder Burn to 670m and then by a path which leads towards the summit, a distance of 9kilometres, 680m ascent.

When we arrived at the top it was covered by cloud and a chilly, high wind was blowing so we sheltered among boulders to have our lunch of oatcakes, cheese, apples and an orange. The cloud lifted a bit to let us take some photos that you see here. John has stitched some photos together to make a few panorama views. - thanks, John

Having a laugh and lunch at the top and it was a "silly hat" kind of day too!

(but it does keep you warm)

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