20 Jul 2007

"Song To A Seagull" by Joni Mitchell

I saw this in our local paper this morning and thought that the press may find it good enough to print and sure enough it is in Yahoo news tonight and I am sure it will be in some of the major papers tomorrow.

12:41 - 20 July 2007 -
P & J newspaper
He's becoming the number one tourist attraction in the centre of Aberdeen. Up with the lark from his home near the beach every morning, Sam the Seagull heads down to his local store at the Castlegate to do his shopping. By 7am he's sitting outside the glass doors of RS McColl waiting patiently for the staff to open up. As soon as his way is clear the pesky seagull pops inside, turns first left and tootles across to his favourite breakfast - Doritos. Then he scoops the packet into his beak and hops back outside again without stopping to pay his 50p. Just a few feet outside the shop Sam gets tucked into his crisps.But then the problems start. His lazy mates spot his loot and go in for the attack. Soon they are all gorging Sam's goodies and he's lucky if he gets just one of the delicacies for himself. Shop staff and customers who have seen Sam's shoplifting performance are amazed.Assistant Amanda Parks, 20, from Mastrick said: "It's fantastic to see him. "He was just sitting looking at me outside the glass doors this morning almost pleading with me to open up. "As soon as I did he popped in and snatched the Doritos. Tangy cheese flavour seemed to be his favourite."Then he toddled out again."But that's when the others dived on him. It seems such a shame after he'd done the shopping."Another shop assistant 22-year-old Sriaram Nagarajan said: "We saw him do this once about two weeks ago and thought it was just a one off. "But over the past few days he's become a regular. He always seems to go for the Doritos but maybe that's just because they are on the bottom shelf and they are the easiest for him to get at."

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Janet said...

Good ol' Doritos. Must be an American gull!

We saw this story on TV and got a huge chuckle of it.