19 Oct 2007

"Autumn Leaves" by Nat King Cole

Autumn has arrived here in Scotland, but what an autumn. It has been an Indian Summer so far with clear blue skies for most of each day. The nights are drawing in and soon the clocks will be changing back to Greenwitch Mean Time that will mean long dark nights ahead.

We were out walking in Haddo Park today and here are some of my photos to enjoy, before leaves fall off the trees and the cold winter days keep us indoors.


Irene said...

Every season is beautiful, in its own way. Thanks for the pictures.

Janet said...

Iain, those are terrific photos! Thanks for sharing with us.

Meanwhile, I know that the short days are here. I hate to see October pass. It's my favorite month of the year.


Gosia said...

Thanks for your comments on A Day at the races. We really enjoyed ourselves there. It was a first time and it was great these engines starting up and the noise and smell of the engines . .

Sunday is my birthday! (48) I was born on 11-11. That means Fool's day. It is the start of Carnival here! But I am not such a carnival fan.
Saturday will be the party for friends and family. Will be fun

have a nice weekend
Henny & family