14 Jun 2008

"Proud" by Heather Small

Well here I am being the proud father... EDITED on 29th June

After 2 years hard work at Glasgow School of Art here is Bruce's final submission for his 2 year course on Motion Graphics and achieving a Master of Philosophy degree. He graduates next Friday - 18th June.

Just click on the Play icon to watch and listlen to it.

Wired from Bruce Cameron on Vimeo.
Watch Bruce's Graduation on YouTube here<

Bruce was also an EXTRA in the drama series TAGGART and he appeared in an episode last week. Here he is from an edit I put on YouTube. See if you can make him out. He has long red hair! ,, and he is in the background of each shot.

Grant, my other son also obtained his HND in computers along with being the "Student of the Year". SO we are very please for both of our boys.

AND here is the song by M People.....

Proud - M People


Janet said...

You have EVERY right to be proud -- cool! We aren't allowed to access video from the office, so I'll take a look when I get home tonight.


Milky Bar Kid said...

I do hope you get to see it as some people have told be that the linkl does not work for them. If it doesn't work for you try this link.. http://www.vimeo.com/1127880?pg=embed&sec=1127880

Irene said...

Congratulations on your son's graduation. You indeed have the right to be proud! I enjoyed both videos very much, thanks. Motion graphics - wow.

Stef said...

It's actually Heather Small's solo track! :)