4 Jul 2008

"Sky Pilot" The Animals

Some friends and I are preparing to walk the West Highland Way soon so we decided to get fit and get some walking down prior to the long walks. Here are Esmea, John and I on a beautiful day at Loch Muick heading up to Broad Cairn.

Two weeks earlier we also walked up Lochnaggar that is in the same area. Here are some of these photos too for your interest.

Why did I use SKY PILOT as the Title? Some of you will know that I always use a song title as the Title and use it to loosely describe the content of the Blog entry. I have used this title because during the walk there is part of the path where you do feel like a bird soaring high above the hills and loch. There was also quite a bit of RAF activity in the area during the walk so it was quite a co-incidence when the song came on in my car iPod as I drove away. I must admit the lyrics don't really match up too much! BUT the flying bit does.

CLICK on the PLAY icon to listen to the song.


Janet said...

Beautiful views! MY John and I have always wanted to do the same thing.

Funny how iPods will provide those coincidences for us, isn't it? My two (yup...a big one AND a Nano) both do that to (FOR?) me all the time.


Irene said...

I like the song and the lyrics!

Milky Bar Kid said...

Thank you both for the comments.

Janet why not come up for a few days and enjoy a few walks with me. Free B&B and all the wine you can drink!

Irene, I have known this song from the beginning and always enjoyed it. Hope to see you one day.