1 Sep 2008

"Pictures In My Head" by Westlife

Pictures In My Head - Westlife

I guess most have you have noted that I have not been blogging for some time. I have been meaning to blog but it's been a busy summer and our weather here has been reasonable so I have been outside enjoying it and not updating my Blog. I have had Pictures in My Head but no time to post them here until now.

So .... > Here is some of what I have been up to in recent months.

Wedding in London At Kylie and Mark's wedding

Isle of Skye weekend
Weekend in Isle of Skye courtesy of PCGB, Boxster Group who were on the Scotland tour with us. Thanks everyone, we had a lovely, free, weekend staying at the Duisdale House Hotel. Click on the photos to open them in a new window.

A day in the hills around Balmoral
A fabulous day in the Scottish Mountains

Cycle Trip
From Aboyne to Edzell via Mount Keen. About 86 miles and over 3,000 feet of ascent! Thanks Harry for the company and to Harry2 for letting us use his accommodation.

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Flowers need water and you can plenty of that in Scotland and the flowers are beautiful.


Janet said...

Nice to get the updates!!!


Milky Bar Kid said...

Hey Janet, I was still completing the Blog entry and you had sneeked in a comment. I only had it UP on the web for about 30 seconds! Thanks for your comment. You will need to look again at the completed item.

Janet said...

You must have a habit of blogging about the same time I sit down to get my updates on friends' blogs!