28 Sep 2008

"That's Amore" by Dean Martin

Just back from a fab holiday in our Boxster travelling to the Italian Lakes. 3,200 miles return trip. Weather was changeable so some of the excursions on the road passes over the Alps had to be cancelled. Maybe next year?? The car ran all the way and back without missing a beat.

Link here to go to my Boxster BLOG. for many more photos and information.

From Italian Lakes

From Italian Lakes

Thats Amore - Dean Martin

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Gosia and Henny said...

Hi Ian,
thanks for your comment on my route 66. Yes, I realize I was very very lucky indeed. And even more lucky that my wife let me go with my best friend.

I am trying to write a special blog on the route 66 adventures but progress goes slowly ;-)
But I keep you posted!

anyway, your trip in your Porsche to Italy also looked pretty good. You're lucky too to drive in such a beautiful car in such great weather! It makes me think of this car programme TopGear.