5 Oct 2008

"In a Big Country" by Big Country

Credit Crunch crimes

We have all "tightening our belts" recently mainly due to the fear of where to put your well earned money. I saw this on Yahoo News this morning and wondered that there must be an awful lot of LARGE people in the UK who are keen to loose a few kilograms but cannot afford to eat less! -- if you know what I mean... It certainly is bizar as Sarah Modlock writes in her article.

Here is what she writes:

"Even more bizarrely, the latest 'must-have' for shoplifters is Slim Fast shakes. Yes, really. The £7 six packs of the meal replacement drinks have been security-tagged after disappearing en masse from supermarket shelves."

Here are the Crimes that are on the increase:
Supermarket theft, Employee fraud,Allotment theft, Car insurance fraud, Petrol Diesel theft, Mortgage fraud, Travel insurance fraud & Burglaries.

Here is her article in full >> CLICK HERE <<
So be careful and don't be conned.

In A Big Country - Big Country

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