29 Oct 2008

"Whiskey in the Jar" by Metallica

Two weeks ago we visited friends at Aberlour on the River Spey. This area is famous for its Whisky making with many distilleries in the area. Needless to say we stopped off at the Aberlour Distillery for a wee dram or two during our stay. Hence the music by Metallica although they are singing about American whiskey!

The weather was good with lots of sunshine.

Here are a few photos of the weekend.

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Whiskey In The Jar - Metallica


Janet said...

Terrific photos! Looks like a great time.

Wonderful Scottish scenery AND wonderful whisky AND great company - what could be better?


Milky Bar Kid said...

Yes, Janet, I guess you are spot on... what could be better?

Irene said...

Don't drink whisky but love the picture of the river :) - beautiful. Thanks.

Sam White said...

Really its a lovely place, the photos are looking great.
I would love to sit under these woods and enjoy the cold breeze.Definitely everybody will get keen to visit these places after going through these beautiful photos.I could see that you people are enjoying the Whiskey and i feel some Cuban Cigars with it would have made your drinks even more special.