17 Mar 2006

"Handbags and Gladrags" by Rod Stewart

It is now only 2 weeks till our daughter's wedding and the cash has only been flowing one way, like a waterfall, for the past 3 weeks! Its only money. Janis was very happy today as she managed to buy a handbag that matched her shoes. Now she can relax in the knowledge that she is pleased with the whole outfit and there is no need to do any more shopping. Claire came out to our house this afternoon with one of her friends to get a final fitting to her bridesmaid’s dress so that is on time too.

We are all hoping for a nice spring day for the wedding because at the moment we are still wrapped up in winter woollies and it should be spring by now. Even the daffodils and crocuses are still hiding their colourful blooms.

I took Mandy out for a walk this afternoon and she was so pleased. Her tail was wagging all the way and she even chased some crows and that is something she never would do in the past.

We took the wee silver dream machine out today to stop the wheels from going square. It always brings a smile to my face when I let the engine sing its song. Roll on summer.


Irene said...

I like the handbag & shoes that Janis bought! Are those beautiful yellow flowers daffodils or crocuses? Mandy is so adorable!

Milky Bar Kid said...

Janis says "thank you".The flowers trying to poke through are Crocuses. Mandy is 13 yrs old and was my mother's dog. We are not really doggy people but we do love her very much (most of the time).

Janet said...

Ooohhhhh...I'll bet it's exciting times but also nervous times around your household!

We didn't do anything fancy, but STILL our wedding was a nerve-wracking event in a lot of respects. HOPE you'll be posting photos????

And Janis has good taste -- in lots of ways!