6 Mar 2006

"Same" by Snow Patrol

Same again.Here we are with another day of snow. We are not so used to having so much snow here although some people would have us believe that it snows here all winter. We are not set up to cope with long spells of snow and ice on the ground unlike Canada where everyone has a set of winter tyres designed for driving on snowy roads. They usually have long winters there and need to be prepared. We are not prepared so things grind to a stop. Stores run out of essentials and everyone starts to panic buy as if the World is coming to an end. Well, not everyone panics, there are some people like myself who just laugh at it all.
Have a nice day.

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Janet said...

Hello "Kid"!

Enjoying your photos of the snow. We've gotten only a mere dusting here in North Oxfordshire, a few weeks ago, and nothing at all so far today. We are hoping for some today...would be nice to get snowed for a little while. But I'm sure you and your family (including the 4-legged members!) are sick and tired of it by now. The beauty wears off quickly, doesn't it?

Anyway, we're thinking of you this afternoon. FINALLY got around to updating Lord Celery after too long -- I've hardly had time to breathe these last 2 weeks or so, I've been doing so much teaching in London. Will be off to Houston the first week in April, so I'll have a nice reunion with friends there coming up.

Take care...