29 Jun 2006

"Garden" by Pearl Jam

We had a lovely day out yesterday with friends to Pitmedden Gardens that is near our home. It is a formal walled garden originally laid out in 1675 by Sir Alexander Seton and features over 5 miles of box hedging arranged in intricate patterns to form six parterres. These parterres are filled with some 40,000 plants bursting with colour in the summer months.

A lovely place to visit on a fine summer day (if you can get one!).

There is also a Museum of Farming Life giving a glimpse of how this was done over a centaury ago. These were very hard times for most folk.

And what a co-incidence; my “pen friend” with whom I have been in contact since 1998 had a birthday the other day and she was given an "Allium Sphaerocephalon" plant. What is that?, you may ask. Well, I saw them growing in Pitmedden Gardens and wondered what they were too. And then I read My friend’s Blog and there they were in all their flowering glory. Thank you Janet for finding out more about it. Here, on the left, are the flowers at Pitmedden and here is a link to Janet's BLOG about the flower at LORD CELERY. I have also put a a picture here, to the right, of the ones posted on her BLOG.

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Janet said...

Iain, mine have started to change color, too!

What a coincidence!!! Thanks for linking to me, too!