24 Jun 2006

"Steam" by Peter Gabriel

I went out today with a friend to a Steam & Vintage Fair at Castle Fraser. I really enjoyed it and to add to my enjoyment I got to ride on a 1824 Foden 6 Ton C type 3 Speed truck owned by Alfie Cheyne. Thanks Alfie for a great day. When I came out of the cab my face was splattered with soot and oil. That's what it's all about. These vehicles show what man can do and to be still running after all these years is remarkable. We also got the chance to climb on board the best maintained Burrell Scenic Showman in the World, so I was told. It took 2 years to rebuild to the "as new" condition you see it in today. It certainly looked impressive. Make your own mind up when you look at the photos. CLICK HERE to view all the photos from this great day out.

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Irene said...

Hi, very interesting! This reminded of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club Tour of Borneo February 25 - March 16 2005. There were 70 vehicles, with their owners, from all over the world. I would have enjoyed very much if I had the chance to ride in one of them when they drove them away to their respective hotels or continue their journey to another place in Borneo! The oldest was a 1912 Silver Ghost Tourer. from UK.