22 Jun 2006

"Gone Fishin'" by Louis Armstrong

Meala Lough

I arranged to go on a fishing trip to Ireland with 2 of my friends for 1 week. We travelled to Dunglow, County Donegal, some 360 miles from Ellon. We had a really good week mostly fishing in the freshwater lochs around the area called the Rosses. NB: All fish were returned to the water unharmed.

The Ellon Team would like to thank their sponsors, Mssrs. Buchan & Watt who supplied rods, helped greatly with funding, supplied flies and leader material. Thanks are also due to Mr Buchan for the loan of the inflatable life jacket.

Further information on Dungloe:
Dunglow is also named Dungloe and An Clochan Liath. The early cartographers, notably the marine cartographers of the mid 19th.Century confused the issue by spelling the name of the town as "Dunglow". This mistake is often still seen, even on signage of Donegal County Council.

Here is what someone else writes about the area: -
The Irish name for Dungloe, An Clochan Liath (Grey Stones), has its origins in the period before the construction of the Dungloe Bridge in 1762. Prior to this, entry to the village was by means of stepping across the river. Dungloe is an excellent base for any visitor wishing to holiday in the area with a large variety of local crafts pubs restaurants and accommodation. In the evenings you can enjoy a pint and - craic - is a large number of lively local pubs where traditional music is to be heard on most nights throughout the season.
Finally every year during a ten day period starting the last week in July Dungloe plays host to thousands of visitors who have come for one of the most famous international festivals in Ireland the Mary from Dungloe. (We met Mary during our stay! Well, she said that she WAS Mary from Dungloe.)
The capital of the Rosses Dungloe is a lively town. With 130 lakes the area is renowned for lake and river fishing. Other attractions locally include fine beaches and sporting activities. Just a short distance north of Dungloe is the 9-hole Cruit Island golf course.
There are many interesting pre-historic remains including a large megalithic portal tomb at Roshin South and the Templecrone at Magery.

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