18 Jul 2006

"Flying" The Beatles

Had a fabulous day out today at Aboyne Gliding Club. I went with our pensioners' club and took to the air in a twin seater Puchacz glider with me in the front seat. We were towed by a plane up to 2000 ft and then I released the tow rope and we were flying like an eagle over the Dee Valley. I was given control for some time and flew up in some thermals to gain some hight before returning to earth back on the runway. We then all helped to prepare a BBQ and relaxed for another hour before returning home. A day to remember.


Janet said...

WOW...I'm so envious, but I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to try myself. John might, though!


Milky Bar Kid said...

Janet and John, Come on up to Ellon and give it a go. The scenery is wonderful too.