18 Jul 2006

"Hot Summer Night" by Meatloaf

Quote from the Scotsman Newspaper >> "Aberdeen was the hottest place north of the Border yesterday with temperatures topping 29C - or two degrees hotter than Tenerife - sending hundreds of people flocking to North Sea beaches and the River Dee. The warning prompted calls for employers to relax office dress codes and allow workers to wear casual clothes including shorts. Motorists were also advised to carry bottles of water and pet owners were urged not to leave pets in cars. A Met Office spokesman said: "The country is absolutely cooking at the moment. Parts of Scotland are right up there with any of the top holiday spots you can think of. And it's only going to get hotter over the next few days. We are on course for the hottest July ever."

I have never seen the temperature so high here in Ellon but I must admit it's very hot today too. I took a picture of the car outside temperature reading yesterday just to prove how hot it was. 29 C! Phew. And it did reach 30 C for some time too. We are just back from Toronto and it wasn't any hotter there just a little more humid.

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