30 Nov 2007

"Ramble On" by Led Zeppelin

Saint Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland, and St. Andrew's Day is celebrated by Scots around the world on the 30th November..... BUT you would never know it looking at the local news on TV and the newspapers. So much for having a pride in our heritage.

This week the Scottish National Party (SNP) introduces a NEW campaign to entice people to come and visit Scotland. What is it? It is "WELCOME TO SCOTLAND". I think that people will come in their thousands because of this (NOT).

Here is an extract from the Scottish Government web site:

The theme of the campaign was unveiled at Glasgow Airport by External Affairs and Culture Minister Linda Fabiani. It will incorporate a range of local messages celebrating diversity and success across Scotland - with distinct point of entry images at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Prestwick, Dundee, Inverness and Aberdeen airports.

The Minister said:
"This Government is determined to make the most of Scotland's image and reputation both here at home and abroad.
"From St Andrew's Day, these images will welcome people arriving in our country and Scots coming home, giving everyone a taste and glimpse of the very best of Scotland - enticing everyone to see more.
"As one of the first things that people will see upon arriving in Scotland, these images celebrate the historic and modern day successes that have shaped our country.


And in the same week the people of Scotland rejected Donald Trump's planning application to build a £1bn golfing complex in Aberdeenshire because a few do-gooders think that our coastal area will be ruined by his large Golfing development.

Have the same doo-gooders not smelled the air recently around Black Dog? Aberdeen City Council allowed the placing of two rubbish tips in the vunerable sand dunes area just a few miles south of the proposed golfing complex and that has left a large environmental impact far greater that anything the Trump golf complex would contibute to.


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Gosia said...

Hi Ian,
Thanks for your kind wishes for the New Year.

We wish you too a great year with good health, luck, happiness and a lot of travelling if possible.

I started good by winning two mini cruises from the Netherlands to New Castle. I will go the 30th of January for 3 days and at 5 march again!

Almost close to Scotland. But not enough time to travke to Scotland. I will go with a friend

take care!

Henny & Gosia