2 Jan 2008

"Happy New Year" by ABBA

I have been neglecting my blog for a month now and its 2008 already.

Not a lot has been happening except to say that we had a full house at Christmas with all of our family and Ferruccio's Mum and Dad came over from Italy staying with us too. I managed to cook for all of us and not a case of food poisoning in sight. I may have put on a few pounds too but who's counting. It's Christmas time after all.

Bruce had to go back to Glasgow all too early as he was working on Hogmanay.

At our Christmas Dinner Dance

Geovanna makes the REAL Spaghetti Carbonara


Irene said...

Happy New Year! Couldn't view the 2nd & the 3rd picture on my computer???? Thanks for the Abba's Happy New Year song. Abba is one of my favorite band.

Irene said...

I can see the pictures now! Janice looks beautiful!

Janet said...

WHAT a handsome couple you two are, Iain!

And I'd KILL for some of that spaghetti carbonara!

Thanks for sharing your photos with all of us. They are terrific!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from your neighbors to the south!