19 Nov 2005

"Father and Daughter" Paul Simon

Last night we were invited to my daughter's (Claire) place to have a meal with her fiancé, Ferruccio along with my sister, Anne and brother-in-law, Robert. We had a really nice Italian meal that consisted of 5 courses. Boy was I full! So full that this morning I could not eat breakfast! The Italians love to eat lots of food at one sitting on special occasions and I wasn’t about to disappoint Ferruccio or Claire. So I ate everything put in front of me. SO, it was a lovely evening and we chatted a lot and discussed their future wedding in April 2006. Today I have been shopping in our town for our dinner tonight and dinner tomorrow night. It is so cold today. Without cloud cover the temperature has fallen to -4 C and even with the sun is is only just getting above 0 C. Brrrrr.

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