25 Nov 2005

"The Long and Winding Road" by The Beatles

Thursday was a long day!

I was given a Ford transit minibus today to pick up yet more presents and clothing. I must say that this poor blue bus had no power and consumed fuel like it was a super tanker in the high seas. It uses more fuel than the larger 7.5 ton Mercedes truck I was driving up till now. Why? Anyway, I got going at 5 am and struck south for Ayrshire. I got to Fenwick Primary School by 08:40 and by that time the wind was getting up to storm force with the snow not far behind it. I loaded the bus (seats out) with some gifts and proceeded to Ardrossan and St. Peter's Primary School where I was greeted with a lovely hot cup of coffee. I nearly fainted when they showed me what the children had brought to the school for the poor families of Eastern Europe. I counted 60 large bin bags full of clothes and cuddly toys and then was shown to another room where there were 160 boxes of Christmas presents. The girls, boys and teachers helped me to load the bus almost to its full capacity. I still had 4 schools to visit but had nowhere to put the kind gifts! After a frantic phone call to the Logistics Manager, Matthew, He agreed that I could cancel the uplifts at Cumbernauld and attempt to pick up the other lifts at Muirkirk Primary School and Snowdon School, Stirling. So off I trundled towards Muirkirk. Does anyone know where it is? It is in the middle of nowhere with Long and Winding Roads leading to and from it. The Ford Transit minibus was just not up to it. Foot hard to the floor all the way and I could only manage about 50mph on downhill stretches. Well, I managed to pick up at both schools with presents loaded to the roof. Goodness knows what it looked like to other fellow travellers on my way home to Peterhead. A wee guy speeding towards the horizon peering through boxes of Christmas wrapped boxes and black bags. Awesome! Got to Brechin> And then the snow was upon me but that didn't stop my pushing against the wind in this underpowered blue slug. I made it to Peterhead by 5:30 pm and then back home by 6:30 pm. Then the news came from Matthew that the following day was cancelled because of the snow causing chaos on the roads and many schools were to be closed the next day so there was no point attempting to struggle on the slippery roads.

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