28 Nov 2005

"Wonderful Christmas Time" by Paul McCartney

I have been told today that I am to join the team going to Romania and Moldova.

I will be travelling and sharing the driving with Paul in the smaller of the two trucks because we will be going on to Moldova where the roads are more difficult to drive and the larger truck cannot get through. We will be leaving on Saturday morning and travelling to Rosythe to take the overnight ferry to Zeebrugge. Then it’s a 2,300 mile journey through Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and then Moldova and to the town of Leova.

Moldova is considered the poorest country in all of Europe. Orphans there often lack both physical and emotional warmth, electricity, food and clothing. It will be a great thrill for me knowing that I will help them in a very small way to give them a Christmas they will remember forever. Link to NHT information on the Forgotten Children of Mondova.

We are taking warm clothing, boots, socks and Christmas presents for single mums, families and orphaned children along with some wardrobes that are desperately needed there.

Wish us luck!

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Irene said...

Charity is the greatest of All Virtues! Keep it up, Big Brother!