23 Dec 2005

"Almost There" by Andy Williams

Well, it’s nearly Christmas Day. Where has the past 12 months gone?
Back to the present time and Thursday. It’s a mad house here in Aberdeen. Janis and I were carrying out our usual ritual at this time of year, that is buying lots of food and putting it in our freezer and forgetting about it until 11 months are past and then throwing the food away (as it is well past any sell/use by date) and we start all over again. So we go into Marks and Spencer to buy lots of fine food for our festive feast. As usual we had about 14 plastic bags of shopping and M&S have a service that allows you to pick up the shopping by car at the rear of their premises. We leave our shopping and head for a coffee at the John Lewis store and then get the car to go and pick up our shopping that we are to collect within the allotted time of 1 hr. Normally this works very well and we collect our shopping and head for home. BUT not this time! No. For some unknown reason everyone in Aberdeen has decided to shop at M&S today and as we head for the store we are held up in a very large traffic jam. We eventually get to where the road is for entry to the M&S pick up point when a police car flashes past, a policeman jumps out and declares to me and motorists behind me that we are blocking the traffic behind us and we are to move on straight up the road. I try and explain out predicament but there is no reasoning with him so we drive on. But what are we to do now? We have to pick up our shopping at some stage and soon as some of it needs to be kept cold and we are all just creating a bigger traffic jam by driving around in circles in Aberdeen city. So I make my merry way around the city in the car along with a lot of similar minded drivers and we eventually return to the place from where we were told not to go. This time around the police officer is distracted by something else and it is chaos anyway. Cars are now abandoned at the roadside and people are walking to the pick up point of the shop to collect their shopping. So that doesn’t help in the least. I manage to sneak around the corner and into the queue towards the pick up point before the policeman notices me. I have to say that while I have been doing a mini tour of Aberdeen many cars have entered this road so I am way behind where I would have been had the policeman not moved me on. AGGHHHH!!! Anyway, we eventually get to the pick up point and get our shopping and leave without further ado. Why does it happen to me! Is it only me?

Today, Janis was working so I agreed to go shopping (again!) for the last minute things for Christmas time. (and I suppose tomorrow too.) I bought some filet steak and haddock. The Haddock was for our meal tonight and I was making the meal, wan kai thai-style red curry. One of our favourites. I then had a phone call from Claire to say that her central heating was not working and what should she do??? Difficult when she is 20 miles away down a phone line. I organised her and then washed my two cars. The SAAB was badly in need of a wash and took quite some time to clean. My other little beastie didn’t take as long but by then it was time to pick up Janis from work and then it was what we call in Scotland, teatime or dinner if you are posh. Tonight I am meeting up in a local pub with my good friend Harry so I better get on my skates.

Catch you all later.

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