20 Dec 2005

"Slow Down" by the Beatles

I have just returned from my adventure to Moldova. I really enjoyed the experience. Have a look at my BLOG elsewhere on this site.

As soon as I was home Janis and I went to a Christmas function at Ardo House hotel. It was really good with nice company too. Not much time to draw breath and it was out again on Saturday lunch time to meet up with some old work chums for our annual get together. I then met up with Janis and our friends Dave and Jackie for a meal at the Royal Thai and then on to the Lemon Tree night Club to watch Souled Asylum. They were fantastic. Good sound system and singing. Hear them at this WEB link. Sunday and Monday came and went in a blurr and now its Tuesday already and we havn't got our Christmas Tree up yet! We are going out tonight as we have been invited to a Christmas meal with the New Hope Trust. Looking forward to that.

While I was away a letter arrived to inform me that I have got the job working on the Aberdeenshire's Childrens' Panel. So I will be getting some training over the coming months before sitting on my first panel in June.

Claire's fiance has gone back to sea for 6 weeks so Claire is a bit sad but will be with us over Christmas time. Our boys will be with us too so it looks like it will be a nice cosy Christmas here although I will be thinking of these little boys and girls many miles away in Moldova with no mummy or daddy to give them any love and cuddles on Christmas Day.


Irene said...

Welcome back Iain, and congrats on your call to the children's panel. Keep the good work up! God bless. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you, Janis and family. Love, Irene

Janet said...

Iain, I am so impressed by the wonderful charity work you're doing. You aren't "retired" at ALL, ARE you? You're just no longer in the "awl bidness" (as they pronounce it in Texas)!

Thought of you when the news about the terminal in Hemel Hempstead first came out. Our mutual former employer owns the majority of that facility, I believe.

On a brighter note, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours! And please tell Claire that I understand what's it's like to be a long way from the man you love -- I so rarely got to spend Christmas with John up until I moved here in 2002.