2 Dec 2005

"Got To Be There" by Michael Jackson

Was called upon to pick up presents and clothing for the NHT from more schools and a church today. I had to drive that slow blue slug again today but only had to go half the distance. I was in Dundee, Anstrother, Glenrothes and Dunfermline. My friend John came with me today and he is a great help. We loaded about 250 boxes and 30 bags into the minibus. Its Hard work on your own but with John there its a lot quicker and easier. Made it back home by 6PM.

I will be packing my bag tomorrow for the trip over to Moldova. I will then be taking the bag to the New Hope Trust so that it can be put into the truck in advance of picking me up in Aberdeen on the Saturday morning. As if I am not doing enough (who said retirement was relaxing?) I have an interview on Saturday morning for acceptence to the Aberdeenshire's Children's Panel before setting of on my new adventure. Wish me luck! If I get the job I will be studing for a few months in 2006 and then placed on the Children's panel by mid 2006.

Superfast ferry - Rosythe to Zeebrugge

So Saturday is going to be an eventful day and I've Got To Be There!

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