4 Aug 2006

"BIRTHDAY" by the Beatles

Scotland's oldest woman celebrates her 111th birthday
Wed 7 Jun 2006

I read this item below in the news today. Some say that Scottish people have a 15% higher mortality rate than England and Ireland. Well, you can prove anything with statistics! Happy Birthday, Annie.

"Annie Knight, of Aberdeen, believed to be Scotland's oldest woman, was 111 yesterday. She puts her longevity down to no alcohol. Annie, spent her big birthday yesterday with her family and friends. Her son, Bill, 85, who also lives in Aberdeen, said: "She has a bowl of porridge every morning and has never touched a drop of alcohol in her life - maybe that's the secret."

"Britain's oldest man, Henry Allingham, of Sussex, 110 yesterday, attributes his to whisky."

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Janet said...


I LOVE the contrast between the alcohol consumption (or lack of...) between the Scottish woman and the English man!!! ;-)

Seriously, God bless BOTH Annie and Henry!

My maternal grandmother, who spent her entire life in a small town in Arkansas, lived to be almost 96. I used to do oil-trading business with some Chinese traders from Sinochem who were, at that time, still based only in Bejing. One day, one of them was talking to me about our families. He was impressed at my grandmother's advanced age and asked me to ask her what her secret was.

Her answer?

No alcohol
No tobacco
Lots of hard work
Lots of laughter

Personally, I can deal with #'s 2, 3, and 4...but NOT #1. I'm afraid I love good wine too much!!!

Great post!